• I Know You...


  • You're witty and creative, with a knack for seeking out the best that the world has to offer you.

    & You'll Do Whatever Is Necessary To Claim It

    Late Nights & Early Mornings?


    Tons of Trial & Error?


    A Laughable Social Life?


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    But while you find yourself advancing academically and professionally, moving evermore towards whatever concept of “better” you've been ingrained with,






    You're not quite sure how to pinpoint what's happening, but you find yourself lost in a haze, especially at the most awkward moments.


    Your mind is thinking of nothing and thinking of everything at the same time.


    Yes, you do those things that you do quite well, but more often than not lately, you find yourself scrapping together all the pieces to the puzzle at the last minute, doing JUST enough to not set any alarm bells ringing.


    You're no longer sure (or were you ever really sure) about your significance in any of your relationships.


    Familial, platonic, and romantic relationships all seem to be a vacuum of misunderstandings, disappointments, and exhaustion.


    You just don't seem to fit anywhere.


    Overwhelm much?

    From changing majors, to graduations, new job roles to new financial responsibilities, it can all become a bit much for anyone to handle.


    You put on a brave face for the general public, but inside you feel like you're being crushed by an elephant.

  • I’ve Been There.

    Discontent, Life Dissatisfaction, & General Anxiety - you name it, and I've probably cycled through it at least once, some sticking around much longer than others.

    Want To Know What Made A Big Difference For Me?


    Yes, the journaling that involves the classic duo of pen and paper, a spiral notebook close to me at any given time.


    Through journaling, I found myself reflecting on...MYSELF.

    My hopes and dreams were common themes, of course, but also my points of disappointment, what makes me feel the most alive, and of course, who and what I value most in the world.


    On countless occasions, I would catch myself taking inventory of my current state of emotions, pinpointing the gaps between where I currently stand, where I have been, and the places that I would oh-so-love to go.


    Guided Self-Reflection

    Reflection, as it stands alone, encourages deep and careful consideration, and when you shine the light on your Self (& your innermost experiences), the opportunities for self-development are endless.


    It is not easy to do the necessary Self-Work of reflection, especially when it involves unearthing deep-seated roots of your existence that have never been encouraged to come to the surface before.


    It is even harder to do this reflection when you don't know how to get it from your mind and onto paper, in a way that doesn't feel like pulling teeth with a very dull tool.


    I felt the same way for a while, piling myself up with notebooks filled with inconsistent journaling, my thoughts in disarray and leaving no room for clarity.


    My writing was jumbled, and my mind was muddled.

    Let's just say, sometimes focus went right out the door with his lover consistency, and it was hard to get them back in my loving embrace with a million thoughts thoughts running through my mind at once.



    I Needed The Rooted Reflections Journal...

    & So Do You!


  • 95 Guided-Reflection Prompts

    + Space for Personal Affirmations

    The Rooted Manifesto encourages you to make a commitment to yourself to tackle whatever comes to the surface.

  • Rooted Reflections Journal

    The Paperback Edition


    Right now, you might be saying to yourself,

    "Yeah, okay. I get it. Journaling may be worth a shot. Why would I need the Rooted Reflections Journal anyway? Can't I just use any old notebook? What's so special about the Rooted Reflections Journal anyway?"


    That's a valid question, and I'm actually really happy you asked!

    The Rooted Reflections Journal is a guided-reflection journal that is thoughtfully-designed to make it easier for the witty, creative, go-getting millennial woman of color to perform the ever-necessary task of self-exploration


    95+ unique prompts within the beautifully-minimalist pages are perfect for personal rumblings and revelations.


    When was the last time you really sat down with yourself and talked?

    I mean it - when was the last time you paid attention to what really matters to you?

    I'm guessing it's been a while, and for good reason, the Rooted Reflections Journal might just be the guide you need to set you on track.


    Muddled minds are no help when you have a full, creative life to live, so clarity is key.

    The best part is, now the Rooted Reflections Journal is here to dig through those one-million + one thoughts to help you make space for the clear thinking that you really need.

  • Testimonials

    Hear what current owners of the Rooted Reflections Journal have to say about their experience with it.

    Chrissy B.

    Fit Into A Busy Life

    "I have a busy life and although I know the benefits of journaling I don't do it most times for that reason.


    I also shy away from it because I fear that once I start I will not stop writing because of how much baggage I have.


    The Rooted Reflections Journal has been my answer to this dilemma in that I get to tackle what I need to but in a structured way that does not send me off my daily schedule."

  • Digging Deeper

    We wouldn't be Witted Roots without a few quips about unearthing and deep-digging

    Not only is the Rooted Reflections Journal visually-appealing, with a minimal - but quite thoughtful - design, it is structured with the sole purpose of streamlining the process of digging deeper to unearth your hurts, confusions, triumphs, and revelations, shedding the strain of unhealthy mental and emotional baggage as you move forward.


    With so much emphasis consistently placed on physical health and well-being, the Rooted Reflections Journal is here to add another important factor to the mix.

  • My name is Shanice.

    Like you, I have struggled with giving my mental and emotional wellness what it needs to allow me to live the fulfilled life that I know I'm capable of.


    With the prompts included within the Rooted Reflections Journal, I have been able to perform from the simplest to the most grand reflections on my life, acting upon my revelations along the way.


    This has left me with more clarity to focus on the things that really, truly matter, as well as more courage to stand up for myself while setting necessary boundaries with people, places, and things.


    I look forward to hearing how the Rooted reflections Journal helps you along your journey of self-exploration.


    Rooting For You. Always.

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